New Triple Cheese Stuffed Crust Pizza with Asiago Cheese: Youtube Video Review

BY JAN ASHBY of Info Just for U

PIZZA HUT Specials


Right now, you all can get a medium 3-Topping Pizza Hut Medium Pizza for just $7.99 – that is, if you like Pizza Hut style pizzas. They’re normally of the “stuffed crust pizza” variety – just so you know up front about it. Check out the above review, to get the common man’s opinion. I watched the video all the WAY through, and there’s no obscenity in it.

Just a plain old-fashioned PIZZA HUT review.  It’s about 3 minutes long.  I also include another video review below – it’s 2 guys doing a “Pizza Wars” style video comparison.  It’s kind of amusing as it’s 2 FAT guys rolling up to a pizza joint to order a small pizza to share (BTW it’s Domino’s versus Pizza Hut).

This video is a  9 minute long video (at 5 minutes into it they begin commenting as to taste, if you want to SKIP to that ) :


February News Update: Right now, you can get a LARGE 3-cheese Pizza Hut pizza with 1-topping for $11.99.  Go to for details on all Pizza Hut specials and Pizza Hut coupon deals !



(February 2015 Pizza Hut specials )