Dennys is Running Some Specials:  Restaurant Coupons 2013

Restaurant Coupons 2013: Dennys

By  Jan Ashby

If you like Denny’s Restaurants, you may be interested in some free printable coupons I found.  When you click on the coupon found at THIS page, be patient.  It has to carry out a re-direct before you land at the dealcatcher website.

They have a good one for a Grand Slam breakfast, or you can get a FREE printable coupon for $5.00  off a $20 expenditure.  Not bad.  As for me, I  like to go for their cranberry and walnut salad – so scrumptious!  Yes, I have personally eaten at Denny’s many times.  I’ve had just about every breakfast item on the menu.

Dennys Breakfasts: Grand Slam breakfast

My favorite is the Grand Slam breakfast.  I also like the Caramel Bacon Stuffed French Toast – which is white chocolate spread between two thick slices of fabulous French toast, and topped off with caramel sauce.

Here you go:    Free Printable Coupons    <=== CLICK  THE  IMAGE

If you’re a parent and need some games to keep your child entertained (and patient), look into Denny’s Real or Fake Breakfast Challenge Game