PIZZA HUT SPECIAL: Tuesday Night Tuscani Pasta

Heads Up on Pizza Hut Party Package for Birthdays

If you’re trying to get some ideas for your children’s birthday party, why not go with pizza?  You could order a variety of different pizzas from the Pizza Hut menu, or if by chance the birthday party is for many kids (or teenagers), its best to check with them as to what they want first.

You can take a tally – and if some of the teens/kids prefer pasta, you could include some of PIZZA HUT’S pasta dishes. If it’s on a Tuesday (during summer), you can get twice as much pasta (for $10) by ordering on Tues. night.

Pizza Hut Party Package

To make a pizza party special, you may want to design your own PARTY THEME.  You can have special plates, decorations, and invitations – in this case, with a pizza hut or other pizza image on the invitation …

First, you want to decide the style of pizza you want.  Here are some choices:

  1. New York **
  2. Neapolitan
  3. Chicago
  4. New Haven
  5. Greek    Greek Pizza


There are several TYPES of New York pizza.  They are:

  • Square
  • Grandma’s

Some Pizza Party Precautions to Take

Of course, you’ll want to CHECK if any of the girls (or boys) are strictly vegetarians – in which case the veggie lovers pizza is a possibility.   Additionally, it’s probably vital to see if any of the kids or teens have a food allergy.  Also, it could be advisable to take a survey as to which kind of entertainment, or games, the attendees would most enjoy.

Next you can determine if you want to have pizza-themed plates or cups, and what type of tablecloth ? And you’ll want to consider having pizza decorations, a cake with “pizza theme” – not to mention some PIZZA games.  In case you moms don’t know, there are pizza cooking games and pizza delivery games.  Click the link below to find a wide variety of fun games – including the pizza job game .

Additional Pizza Games – Pizza Fractions Game:

Pizza Fun Fractions Game

Learning Resource: Run a Pizza Franchise – Turbo Pizza Game


Digital Game (Free Trial Available)

If you are into “fun” gifts, you might try a gourmet gift basket, or some pizza jewelry.  Have you seen the cute Amazon jewelry  – earrings?   Pizza Jewelry

*Note:  You can find pizza-themed plates online HERE


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