Pizza Hut Big Box and Dinner Box – Available Today

Pizza Hut Specials:  Pizza hut dinner boxCurrently, Pizza Hut has a special – Large pizza with 5 Toppings for $11 (or medium with 5 Toppings).  Or you can opt to get a medium 3-topping pizza for $6.  As of this writing, February 24, these 2 specials are continuing,  as is the large, 3 topping pizza for $7.99 .


 BIG Dinner Box:  19.99 Deal

Now you can get two Medium-sized pizzas with one topping, plus 5 breadsticks & your choice of tuscani pasta, 8 wings, or pizza rollers ( your choice of 4 stuffed pizza rollers, 8 wings or 1 pan of pasta).

All of this for $19.99 totalThat’s a pretty awesome deal for you – Order at Pizza Hut 

  If you really like your cheese, you might choose the Large Triple Cheese stuffed crust pizza (1 topping) for $11.99 .  The Pizza Hut Coupon code for this  is TRIPLESTUFFED  

Also,  Pizza Hut is running more good specials.  Right now go HERE to see all of the pizza specials.



PIZZA HUT Dinner Box


I had to sample this myself (I waited til my husband was out of town, as he won’t eat pizza) and FIND out if it is any good. Well, they certainly give you a pretty good helping of food ! I had to set aside some of it, for the next day.  I didn’t mind doing this, as I like my pizza and will have it 2 days in a row!  


You get 5 bread sticks, with marinara included. What I really liked was the freshness of the ingredients – I requested Green Peppers on my medium Pizza Hut pizza special, and o-o-h was it nice and crunchy !  Snap!


Big Dinner Box Coupon

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