Coupons Galore: Let’s Have Some Fun with Coupons

Ok, ladies, imagine if you were to have a special on yourself – you know, for one day only – on FOOTBALL SUNDAY

when you need to get some lovin’, and your husband is mesmerized by the damn television…

What could you do to get his attention – I know, maybe design a sexy costume lady to wear on Sunday – one that he hasn’t ever-r SEEN BEFORE !

Or you could come out as a pizza pie  and he could have you for Dessert – m-m-m !

Are the thoughts Rolling Around in that head of yours now?  Ha.  Thought so.

But seriously, with holidays comin’ up, you could definitely invoke some  c-r-e-a-t-i-v-i-t-y  and score some time with your Man !

So, if you were “on special” HOW Much would you TAKE  OFF?

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