Pizza Hut: Large Bacon Cheese Stuffed Crust pizza for $12.99.  The Pizza Hut specials just keep comin !








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If you’re like me, you’ve tasted many different types of pizza (in many different states, in my case).  I loved the pizza in Ohio; it was Vic Cassano’s  pizza and was baked in a REAL pizza oven. It featured a crispy crust, with a delectable aroma.  I think it was the expensive pizza oven that made the difference!

Then, on to Nebraska and OMG !  It was incredible.  It was called  Big Sal’s Pizza and is over on North 27th Street.  The sauce had a nice Tomato tomato flavor, which tastes more genuine to me. Also it left no aftertaste – so no burping (lol).

There is another pizza joint on the same street (Valentino’s) .. yet I didn’t like it as well.  The service was pretty good, and it had a giant buffet.. but it still didn’t “rock my world” the way that Big Sal’s did !

steakSide Note:  If you’re ever visiting in Nebraska, be sure to check out their STEAKS  (delish !).

Side Note #2:  Isle’s Pub & Pizza features karaoke – in case you’re a singer and live in or near Lincoln



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