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Do you recall McPizza or McDonalds Chicken fajitas? How about the Arch Deluxe?  That was one that I was actually fond of – a sort of a gourmet hamburger with bacon –  and hey, who doesn’t like BACON !  (screamed the Baconator)

It was served with lettuce, onion &  the secret sauce ..on a Potato bun.  But naturally, since yours truly liked it, it went away.  Anyhow, just for fun here are 10 items from McDonalds past, so you can see “if” you remember them.

There are some video commercials for you to watch, if u wish  video

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1. Big 33 or McJordan Special



Year it was introduced: 1992
What was it: Both burgers were the same; it was basically a Quarter Pounder – with bacon and special barbecue sauce named after either Larry Bird or Michael Jordan.

Recently a 20-year-old bottle of McJordan BBQ sauce was sold on eBay to anonymous buyer in Chicago for $9,995.

Big 33 commercial with Larry Bird:

2. Chicken Fajitas


3. McPizza

Year it was introduced: 1989
What was it: McDonald’s attempt at entering the pizza market. It started off in a few select markets, before growing to over 500 locations. Eventually the McPizza was discontinued all together due to the amount of time it took to cook.

McPizza commercial:

4. Arch Deluxe

Year it was introduced: 1996
What was it: A more “gourmet style” hamburger marketed towards adults. The ingredients were a quarter pound of beef, on a potato flour bun, topped with bacon, leaf lettuce, tomato, American cheese, onions, ketchup, “secret” mustard and mayonnaise sauce.

Despite the massive and expensive marketing campaign it was a major flop.

Arch Deluxe commercial featuring Jessica Biel:

Year it was introduced: 1995
What was it: A burger that was made up of three beef patties and two slices of cheese, served on the sesame seed roll. It was originally created and marketed as promotional tie-in for the film Batman Forever.

Triple-Double Burger Batman Forever commercial:

Year it was introduced: 1984
What was it: The McDLT, which stood McDonald’s Lettuce and Tomato was a burger sold in a specially designed two-sided Styrofoam container. The meat and bottom half of the bun were placed separately from the lettuce, tomato, American cheese, pickles, sauces, and top half of the bun. Customers then combined the hot and cool sides.

It was discontinued in January 1991 due to environmental concerns with the Styrofoam container.

McDLT featuring Jason Alexander:

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